Sodium Perborate

A brief insight into sodium perborate and its many uses

Sodium perborate is a strong chemical which is prominently used for several cleaning purposes as well as other miscellaneous uses. Its fame has been periodically increasing in the market due to its recognition as an effective chemical for completing household chores which includes everything under the category of cleaning. Its consistency is powdery and it is white in colour which is evenly blended in with a boron compound.

This mixture hydrolyses into hydrogen peroxide and boron which makes it an excellent base to be mixed into cleaning substances and products. It has a high content of oxygen in its mixture which makes it an excellent bleaching agent. Another advantage of using this chemical is that it is not that co concentrated to damage your furniture after its usage and hence it is very effective in cleaning glass as well as wooden furniture.

Sodium Perborate is also anonymously known as sodium salt, monohydrate, SBP, Perboric acid and the likes. Here are a few reasons why this chemical is so popular in contemporary times when presentation and cleanliness has become a part of the larger obsession of the human society

  • Cleaning purposes - The primary purpose of this chemical is for cleaning purposes, be it in the household or in the office. A little bit of presentation and cleanliness goes a long way and a good presentation on the outside speaks a lot about the personalities of the individuals residing in it. For example, if you have a presentable household, it will speak a lot of the cleanliness of the individuals residing in it. This mixture is mixed with most of the cleaning products which is mostly used in laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents, air fresheners, bleaches and grease removers. The high oxygen content in this chemical is used for whitening, brightening and bleaching. Additionally, if it is coupled with a scent, it can act as a good deodorizer and that is precisely why it is used in air fresheners to provide that exquisite scent to your space coupled with the presentable atmosphere.
  • As an active ingredient in pharmaceutical products and cosmetics - Another popular area of usage of this product is in pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products where it is used in a diluted form since the products either have to be consumed or applied on the skin. This is because of its high concentration of oxygen which is beneficial if consumed on a limited amount and is harmful if it overdoses. It is used in whitening toothpaste, keeping a check on dental damage and cleaners, hair/face bleach and eye drops. The cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry are two of the most popular industries in the market which makes a lot of profit on a regular basis and using this chemical in their products has effectively increased its consumer traffic and brand loyalty.


Sodium Perborate Monohydrate is hence a very commonly used and useful chemical used in our daily activities and household cleaning purposes. However, due to its high chemical and oxygen concentration, it is harmful to the environment and must be utilized within limits or must be substituted with a diluted chemical.