Product Description

A brief insight of Glydant and its efficiency as a preservative

DMDM Hydantoin Preservative whose trade name is Glydant is a preservative system which acts as an excellent bactericide. It is used in a number of formulations as a mild fungicide for protections of personal products. It can be used in a number of cosmetics and has been effective and safe throughout the years. It is available in a solid format and liquid format for ease of applicability. DMDM Hydantoin or Glydant is good broad spectrum preservative if you are making shampoos, hand soaps, face creams, sunscreens and lotions.

It has been globally approved to be safe and a strong toxicology studies backed by advocators of safety standards support this material. DMDMH is considered as a preservative because formaldehyde released from it makes the environment less favourable to the existence of microorganisms.

DMDMH is colourless, clear and as low viscosity. Glydant offers water-white/colour stability, heat stability, water solubility and compatibility with anionic, non-ionic and cationic systems. The different products in which it can be applied are baby care products such as wipes, deodorants, shampoos, toners, soaps, mascaras, lipstick, eyeshadow, powders, creams and foundations.

The typical levels of usage are 0.20% to 0.60% and the typical pH range of effectiveness is rather wide with it being 3-10. The preservative is supposed to be added to the cooling phase of the product. While short bursts of temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius in closed systems are acceptable.

However, it comes with a warning to keep away from infants and people who are sensitive to formaldehyde. It can be used in both for rinse-off up to 0.03% DMDMH only. Consumers who are allergic to formaldehyde might experience dermatitis if they use continuously use cosmetic products that contain formaldehyde.

DMDMH is very effective against yeast, fungi, mould, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is highly soluble and in water and perfect for compounding needs. Glydant can be stored for a period of up to 3 years in normal conditions in a sealed original drum. Do not store it in the heat or directly under sunlight to maintain product quality. The container must be closed tightly and the ideal temperature of storage should be below 60 F.